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A stylish new take on Europe's luxury country lifestyle, hospitality and travel

Avytage is an edited guide to the luxurious world of Europe's country lifestyle.
A hotel and travel guide for the modern discerning traveller, a  lifestyle magazine,
a traditionalist and a creative hub to worldly, but fiercely local pleasures.


Welcome to the spirit of Europe's luxury country lifestyle.

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The finest in fashion, simply great traditional food, wine and beverages, bliss for body & soul and more for a wonderful life. We've hand-picked some of Europe's most exhilarating, often historic hotels for you. So you can enjoy real quality time. Who said business and travel can't be exciting, stylish and effective at the same time? 
We'll show you how.

Hospitality Jobs



We are an extraordinary international job site exclusively made for Europe's luxury country house hotels and its' people. The whole "9" yards, from skiing, sailing, hiking & biking to horse riding, fishing, climbing, yachting, yoga, bodyweights and golfing. It's all there for you. It is exactly as the name implies: Indulge in traditionally crafted and luxurious products from Europe's famous luxury countryside.

Hotel Services

Avytage is a niche specialist in Europe’s luxury country lifestyle and hospitality market. We provide a comprehensive management and marketing service for the successful development and operation of independent European luxury country house and chateaux hotels. We help owners, investors and developers in many ways, such as: 

* Management & Operations of the entire hotel on behalf of the owner or absentee landlord; * Improve performance and overall value of the property; 
* Protect cash flows and investments and maximize ROI & ROE; 
* Increase consumer awareness and perception of the business internationally; 
* Quick turnaround of the hotel business during a crisis or an unsatisfying financial situation. This requires a totally different set of skills and experiences to that of operating large hotel properties. In fact, we believe it requires even more complex business acumen than that in a typical corporate environment. It’s the blend of “hands-on” management and corporate understanding, plus the passion of being a genuine host that makes the difference between success and failure.
 For more information and insights in how we can help or support you, contact us confidentially at hq@avytage.com.

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